Wednesday, February 12, 2020

America's Great Indian Nations - Full Documentary Essay

America's Great Indian Nations - Full Documentary - Essay Example of the colonial powers and downward spiral of the confederacy that comprised of several Indian tribes continued without intermission, fierce resistance was offered by the Indian tribes through three major wars but they were finally subdued by the colonial powers. Their deep desire to dominate the land, what is now America, fructified. The documentary elucidates the story of six major Native American Tribes with the support of maps, artwork, scenic beauty of the land, different features related to lifestyle and culture of the Iroquois. The content of the movie is an eye-opener for the viewers in general and the students of the American history in particular. The atrocities committed by the colonial powers on the native Indians, are too horrible for the printed pages to capture. The movie is eminently suited to enrich one’s knowledge about the tribal life and their fierce loyalties. The elements that I want to apply in my life: Notwithstanding the sufferings of the Native Indians, it is no use carrying on with the process of vengeance and it is for the good of all races, whites and the African Americas and the Native Indians to live together with peaceful co-existence honoring the true spirit of the American Constitution. Moreover, every effort should be made to preserve the cultural heritage of the Native

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